Friday Five - Mike Aulby's Super Slam


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Friday Five, April 10, 2020: revisiting some of the highlights of Mike Aulby's Super Slam. Aulby is the first bowler in PBA history to win all five majors, completing the Super Slam in 1996, and was the only Super Slam winner until Jason Belmonte joined the club in 2020.

The Triple Crown includes the National/World Championship, Tournament of Champions and U.S. Open. Add the ABC/USBC Masters for the Grand Slam and the (Touring) Players Championship for the Super Slam.

Aulby's 8 career majors:
1979 PBA National Championship (Aulby became the youngest player ever to win a major until Anthony Simonsen won the 2016 USBC Masters)
1985 PBA National Championship
1989 U.S. Open
1989 ABC Masters
1995 Brunswick World Tournament of Champions (completes Triple Crown and Grand Slam)
1995 ABC Masters
1996 Bayer/Brunswick Touring Players Championship (completes Super Slam)
1998 ABC Masters (all-time record 3 Masters wins stood until Belmonte tied the record in 2015 and broke it in 2017)

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